About Island Stoneware

About Island Stoneware

Elegant. Durable. Unique. Remarkably crafted for everyday use. From a passionate artisan cultivating her craft in her garage to a leading supplier of stylish and unique tableware, servingware and giftware, Island Stoneware has everything you should expect from your dinnerware, servingware and giftware: dishwasher and microwave safe, chip and scratch resistant, and durable enough for everyday use.

1. Every single item is remarkably crafted by hand.
Not a single piece of Island Stoneware is machine made. Each piece is touched by a human hand, skillfully crafted, and just waiting for a table to add some everyday elegance.

2. Island Stoneware is a company committed to a small carbon footprint.

Island Stoneware goes through tonnes of clay per year, and since every piece is handcrafted, there is waste. But 100% of pre-fired clay waste resulting from production is recycled for reuse.  This not only allows us to control raw material costs, which of course allows us to keep our item costs affordable.

Our Island also generates 50% of our power requirements from wind.

3. Island Proud.
Browse the Island Stoneware Gallery, and you will experience our Island: from the red cliffs of the shore to the green fields above; from harkening Celtic heritage to living the beach house life, we are truly Islanders.

About Our Founder

Our Founders began throwing pots in their garage and selling at local markets in Ottawa Valley then eventually Prince Edward Island.

Fast forward 8 years and Island Stoneware has evolved to become a leading Handmade Pottery Studio in Eastern Canada supplying retail partners in Canada and the US.

Island Stoneware ships World Wide and has not forgotten our Founder vision of "Remarkably Crafted for Everyday Use"

The Founders Darryl and Cindy, retired from Island Stoneware in 2015.