Island Stone Gallery

Island Stoneware Island Stone Gallery

“When we got into the train at Charlottetown and the red roads began to flash past I asked Mrs. Spencer what made them red and she said she didn't know and for pity's sake not to ask her any more questions. She said I must have asked her a thousand already. I suppose I had too, but how are you going to find out about things if you don't ask questions?”

— LM Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

As vibrant as the red cliffs of Prince Edward Island, the Island Stone collection is the closest you will come to true Island stoneware. From the red iron oxide in the glaze (the iron in PEI soil is what causes the Islands distinct red soil), to the ebb and flow of the waves making their way around the beach-like band, this is a rich and earthy collection, perfect for any tabletop.

Care and Use:

• Oven Safe
• Microwave Safe
• Dishwasher Safe
• Chip & Scratch Resistant